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Two for Tuesday: Morning Work

July 19, 2016 No Comments

Two for Tuesday: Morning Work

July 19, 2016 No Comments

Two for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are enjoying your summer. Did you know some of our teaching colleagues will be back in the classroom very soon? With that in mind, I am happy to offer 2 of my popular resources at half price today {Tuesday}.

Morning Work for First Graders

Back to School Common Core & More 1st Grade COVER

How many times have you taught a concept, only to find out a few days later the kids have no idea what you are talking about? Well, I have felt that pain and frustration too. That is what inspired me to create daily math and ELA review and practice pages based upon 1st grade standards.

Here is a sample page for the beginning of first grade:

Back to School 1st Grade sample page2Each day your students will practice foundational skills that reinforce what you are teaching in your classroom.

Back to School 1st Grade sample pageDaily Common Core and More is designed around a 5 day rotation of skill practice and review. Each page is identified with a letter of the alphabet. This way, no matter what day of the week the month starts on, you can go through the pages sequentially.

There are 25 pages of math and language art skills for the Back-to-School Edition to provide flexibility around your start date.

Back to School 2nd Grade COVER

I also have a monthly morning work for 2nd graders!

Back to School CC 2nd page BEach morning my students start the next page after they get settled in. We go over the answers together in class while I display the page on my Smart Board. I get immediate feedback on which skills they are mastering, and which one I need to go over again.


Both of these are 50% off today as my Tuesday Treasure!


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