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Spelling Practice for Any Word List

October 20, 2019 No Comments

Oh what a treasure I have for you today!  This week’s freebie is an assortment of  NO PREP printables that you can use with any spelling list. They are perfect for homework or in class practice.  Do you have differentiated lists? No problem! The children use their own spelling list. Also, there is flexibility in the number of words; 10, 15, or 20.

So let’s take a look at what is inside your Friday Freebie:

Spelling Sailboats

First let’s set sail with one of my favorite ways to practice correct letter order with Spelling Ships. Be sure to model how to complete each ship before assigning this practice page. Have the student choose a spelling word. Write only the first letter at the top of the sail. Then move to line two. Write the first and second letter. Next move to line three. Write the first, second, and third letter. It is through this repeated sequence that the child is learning the correct way to spell the word. Caution: it will not do any good to write the first letter 5 times, then the second letter 5 times. Kids will try shortcuts, but it won’t make them a better speller.


This next activity works on the skill of alphabetical order. The student writes the first five words from their list in the order they appear inside the checkered box. Then they write those five words in alphabetical order on the printing lines beside the box. Words 6-10 go in the next section. I’ve also included a second page which can be zeroxed on the back for words 11-15 and 16 – 20 depending upon how many words are on your list.

Spelling Sentences

I really like the children to use the words in context as well as practice proper sentence structure. With this next activity, you can accomplish both! Notice the writer’s checklist on the right side to keep the students’ accountable with “The Write Stuff”.  Side 2 has lines for two more sentences.

Spelling Word SORT blank

Spelling sorts help the children examine the structure of their words. This is a blank template that you can modify according to the pattern or structure of the word list. Some categories I use are: 2 syllable words, words with a short /a/, words that begin with a vowel, words with prefixes. You get the idea. Simply write the category before printing a set for your class.

I’ve also included a spelling pretest form and two posttest forms in this bundle!

So, where is this freebie  you ask? CLICK HERE to download your pages.

{This is a zipped file, so you will need to extract it before printing.}

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