Morning Work for ELA & Math Skills

2nd grade morning work bundle cover

Have you been wondering how to incorporate the Common Core Standards into your classroom? Are you worried that it is "one more thing" you have to cram into your already busy schedule? Well, I am happy to share with you a simple, yet effective way to make sure you are addressing Common Core objectives. I created Daily Common Core & More for 2nd grade - April Edition. This is one month's worth of review and practice in the areas of 2nd grade math and language arts. I designed the program … [Read more...]

Identifying Character Traits in Literature

Character Traits rev 2014

Readers learn about a character  through their actions and words. Rarely does an author directly say the character is curious or hardworking. Instead, the reader is actually using the skill of making inferences to figure this out. For developing readers, identifying character traits can be a challenge. When I introduce this skill, I like to read aloud a story that has a very strong character such as the little wolf in The Wolf Who Cried Boy.   After reading and discussing the … [Read more...]

Dr. Seuss FONTS


  Read Across America is on March 2nd. Teachers across the country are preparing by gathering anything and everything "Dr. Seuss". The fonts below would be ideal for worksheets, banners, crafts, and more. When you click on the font name, it will take you to another site where you can download the font. I did not create these fonts I only linked to them. To download the fonts you must click the links to go the various font websites.  Many of the sites linked to below have several … [Read more...]

Celebrating Dr. Seuss

dr seuss one fish two fish

One of the most well known and beloved children's author for generations is Dr. Seuss. His unique characters combined with lyrical use of rhyme has made him a popular choice for early readers. Both of my children memorized the words to One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish long before they could actually read the text. Now in their twenties, they can still recite lines from their favorite Dr. Seuss  stories. On March 2nd, schools across America will be celebrating his lifetime of … [Read more...]

February Morning Work

January 1st Grade page B

Having something for students to do when they arrive in the morning helps establish good routines. My students know that after they arrive and have had time to catch up with their classmates, its time to grab their morning work. This year, each student has a binder to store the monthly packet. A pocket folder would work well also. I print the entire month ahead of time and staple it at the top. After attendance and lunch count, the class and I review the answers. I show the matching page on my … [Read more...]

Organizing for the Common Core K-4th Toolkits


Teaching with confidence includes effective organization of all the wonderful resources we've collected. As teachers we are notorious for collecting ideas. It doesn't take long for our files to be filled with potential learning activities. The problem is after all these years, it is hard to separate the good from the clutter.  I knew it was time to revamp my files and what better way than to design attractive labels that also correspond to the Common Core Standards! Aren't they cute? … [Read more...]

What Is the Common Core?


The Common Core Standards were designed to establish a baseline of what all students in the United States should be able to do by the end of each grade. They do not tell teachers how to teach, nor is it a curriculum. Curriculum is still determined at the local level. Schools can still provide differentiated instruction and advanced materials. The ultimate goal is to have clear, consistent goals that prepare our students to compete in a global society and be equipped with the skills to succeed in … [Read more...]

Winter Writing Collection

Winter Writing Cover

Poetry is an easy way to incorporate writing into your weekly plans. Once I teach a style of poetry, my students are able to choose it during Work on Writing time. Last week they couldn't wait to write acrostic poems about topics of their choice. This week they will be learning how to write cinquains. This is a template I created to help them create their cinquains. It is just one activity in my Winter Writing Activities … [Read more...]

Wampanoag Daily Life in the 1600’s

Wamp Promo slide

The Wampanoag people lived, hunted, and farmed the area we call Plymouth long before the Pilgrims arrived. I wanted to provide my students with background about this tribe that went deeper than the stereotypical "they helped the Pilgrims survive". By combining the amazing artwork of Sarah at Educlips Designs I was able to create 4 powerful teaching tools about the Wampanoag. First is a colorful, detailed PowerPoint show complete with sound clips and animation. It makes a great teaching … [Read more...]

Wild About Turkeys

Wild About Turkeyscover

Living in western Pennsylvania, we have the pleasure of having wild turkeys blocking traffic as they cross the local roads. Once I was driving as one of them fell, I mean flew across my windshield. Let me tell you, I never imagined such a heavy bird could fly. Then someone told me they slept in trees. I was flabbergasted! Curious, I began to research this creature some more. Truly there was more to know about this bird than Thanksgiving dinner. I complied my new learning to create this 33 … [Read more...]